After a rather lengthy hiatus, I am going to celebrate Pride Month with a new set of blogs.
In the course of working on several pieces, I’m going to have to take the parts of males and other genders than the female one I myself occupy. No work of fiction should consist only of people of a single gender.
I am calling these sets of blogs gender-speak because I personally believe that gender, as well as sexual orientation, should be a matter of personal choice and these various choices should each have a voice. At the moment both conditions are, for most people, a matter of forces over which we as individuals have little or no control.
This is changing and I believe that as a matter of the maturation of the human species, it should.
I dedicate this entire endeavor to the memory of my friend, Bob Chrisman. He probably could have done it better but I can only try.
Comments are invited as long as they are not statements of hatred.