About Karin


Karin wrote her first story at the age of four and submitted it to her kindergarten teacher. No literary review accepted it but it was published on the family refrigerator. After she graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Psychology, she tried four times to get at least an M.A. But hunger finally drove her to work at AT&T for twenty-five years. After retirement, she returned to writing.

Using the pension that allows her to eat and keep a roof over her head, she is now an award-winning author from the Kansas City area.

Her literary poems have been published in New Letters, the Rockhurst Review, Taj Mahal Review, I-70 Review, Mid-America Poetry Review, Little Balkans Review, Coal City Review, Prole, Kansas City Voices, the North Dakota Quarterly, the Enigmatist, Thorny Locust  and the anthologies, 200 New Mexico Poems, Cost of Freedom and Free Wheeling.

Her science fiction poetry has also been published in Asimov’s Science Fiction, Tales of the Talisman, Strange Horizons and Dreams and Nightmares.

Her haiku have appeared in Frogpond, Chuffedbuffbooks’ seasonal journal, Kigo. Scfaikuest.and #spacehaiku.

Kansas City Voices, Chicken Soup, PenTales, and the Tishman Review have published her prose. Her stories have been anthologized in Shaker of Margaritas and More Alternative Truths.

Currently, she is working mostly on her first novel, a science fiction fantasy, and it is eating the lunch she can now afford.

In the meantime, she has spent the last fifty years practicing one martial art or another – aikido, kenpo karate, kung fu, tai chi, and belly dancing (yes, it is really just another martial art).

She has been blessed to be the human companion of four wolf hybrids – Malik, Nina, Morgaine and Mohan, who lived with her from their cub days until their deaths from old age. Now she takes in whatever strays the gravel road presents her. Currently, their names are Spike and Devi.